The Carmudgeon Show

Is this the end of the internal combustion engine? — The Carmudgeon Show — Ep. 40

December 27, 2020 ISSIMI inc. Season 1 Episode 40
The Carmudgeon Show
Is this the end of the internal combustion engine? — The Carmudgeon Show — Ep. 40
Show Notes


Jason and Derek start this episode by discussing their upcoming video projects, on the Renault R5 Turbo 2 and the 1973 Porsche Carrera RS respectively. Derek is gobsmacked by the driving experience of the RS and Jason reluctantly admits that the 911 is one of the best driver’s cars of all time, despite his outspoken distaste for their pervasiveness. He also sings the praises of the upcoming Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder again, this time in the context of the sobering realization that the end of the internal combustion engine is on the horizon.

California and the United Kingdom have both announced legislation to make the sale of internal combustion powered cars illegal starting in 2035, and Germany announced something similar for 2030 four years ago. The two discuss the benefits of and obvious drawbacks for enthusiasts of these upcoming laws, while Jason, who has been reading car magazines from the early 1980s, draws a parallel with the era when emissions and fuel economy standards changed the direction of cars forever 40 to 50 years ago, highlighting just how dire the “Malaise Era” was for enthusiasts. They also discuss how we managed to overcome that dark era, and how today’s darkness is offset by the exciting potential for electric cars, which are incredibly high performance and easier to maintain than today’s gasoline cars.

The Carmudgeon Show is a comedic, information-filled conversation with Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott, two car enthusiasts who are curmudgeonly beyond their years. Proving you don’t have to be old to be grumpy, they spend each episode talking about what’s wrong with various parts of the automotive universe. Despite their best efforts to keep it negative, they usually wind up laughing, happy, and extolling their love for cars. Which just makes them angrier and more bitter.
ISSIMI is an enthusiast-owned, full-service specialist offering sales, consignment, collection management, service, and consulting to discerning enthusiasts and collectors. Specializing in complex transactions that include international services for exceptional cars, ISSIMI’s San Francisco Bay Area and Europe-based teams of experts pride themselves on transparency and knowledge.
Jason Cammisa is an automotive journalist, social-media figure, and TV host with over 250 million views on YouTube alone. Jason’s deeply technical understanding, made possible by a lifelong obsession with cars, allows him to fully digest what’s going on within an automobile — and then put it into simple terms for others to understand. Also, a Master’s Degree in Law trained him to be impossible to argue with.
Derek Tam-Scott still tries. He’s a young automotive expert with old-man taste in cars, and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering — which means he knows how to be civil to Jason. Or at least he tries. With a decade and a half’s experience buying, selling, driving and brokering classic and exotic cars, he’s experienced the world’s most iconic cars. And hated most of them.
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